Festive Indulgence

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€1000 / $1000 / 10 000kr
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€1000 / $1000 / 10 000kr
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€1000 / $1000 / 10 000kr
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Festive Indulgence slot REVIEW

Festive Indulgence ReviewIn the Christmas season, of course, festive slots are a good thing. Who doesn't want an unexpected present under the Christmas tree? There are plenty of Christmas slots. And many slots also have an extra version that wraps the graphics in a Christmas outfit. Festive Indulgence, which loosely translated means festive indulgence, is a pure Christmas slot.

Here we can expect 100% Christmas spirit with suitable graphics and typical music and sounds. Each of the symbols is festive. That goes from the finely decorated letters to a delicious icing cake to the little bells eagerly awaited by children so that they can finally go into the Christmas room.

Festive Indulgence

Game symbols

Wreath (Wild) - 5 = 1,111.11x

Gift (scatter) - 5 = 500x

Elf & Santa - 5s = 83.33x

Turkey - 5s = 44.44x

Cake - 5 = 27.78x

A & K - 5's = 13.89x

10, Q & J - 5's = 11.11x

What bonus features are there?

Free spins

Wild / scatter symbols


In The Book Beyond, the prize draws cannot be changed. You are set to 9.

The core of the slot is the gift symbol as a scatter and the wreath as a wild symbol.

The free spins, which are triggered by 3/4/5 scatter, bring 15 free spins. There is no bonus symbol. But during the free spins all wins get a x3 multiplier.

Both in the basegame and in the free spins winnings involving a wild symbol are doubled.

There is no jackpot in Festive Indulgence. The maximum win is € 299,970, corresponding to the highest bet of € 90 per spin and a hit of five wild symbols.

Play Festive Indulgence for real money now

When you are ready to play Festive Indulgence for real money now, we have an algorithm for you that will show you all the casinos that offer Festive Indulgence. All you have to do is click the link below. He brings you to the overview. There you will find our selection of licensed and safe casinos and their welcome bonus. Pick one and play Festive Indulgence now for real money.

Play Festive Indulgence now as a demo version

Not sure if Festive Indulgence is the right slot for your needs? No problem. You can play the game in the demo version without leaving the site. A click on the following link will take you to the top of the page. There you can now play Festive Indulgence as a demo.

The 200 Spins Festive Indulgence Experience

We can freely choose the stake between 9 cents and 90 euros per spin. We take three times the value, i.e. 27 cents.

In the first quarter of the 200 spins we get hits of 6 to 54 cents, which corresponds to a factor of 0.22 to 2.0x. That's okay for a basegame with only 3 lines so far.

Then it gets more exciting for the first time. In spin 34, after a few unsuccessful attempts, we hit the scatter three times. There are 15 free spins. Now, not only do wins with the wild count double, but basically every win is tripled.

In the 5th spin there is the first big win. A 3 line with the elf and two wilds give us a 41.56x. On a stake of 27 cents, that's a good € 11.22!

Unfortunately, we are no longer very lucky in the remaining 10 free spins. It was extremely tight several times when the premium symbols did not form the line. Several times there was also a chance to extend the free spins with additional scatters. So we go back to the basegame with a good € 17.07 from the 15 free spins.

In the second and third quarters the slot splashes along. It is always exciting, because the scatter comes relatively often and the wilds also show up regularly, but we simply lack the luck to form a longer line with wilds.

That only happens in the last quarter of our test. A smooth line of three sugary cakes is followed by game on reel 4. The doubled profit gives us another € 4.50, which corresponds to about 16.67x profit factor. For comparison, we also get three cakes without the game at the end. There are only 30 cents for this.

Overall, the last quarter in the basegame has become significantly better. Instead of the many 6 to 54 cents hits, we now often get 30 to 90 cents because we hit more 3 lines with wilds.

How is it played?

Festive Indulgence has few setting options and is therefore intuitive to use.

At the bottom left are the information and game settings. Settings for sound, fast rotation and mini paytables can be set on or off on the gear wheel. The Min Paytables are intended for the quick display of the Paytable in the game. If you click with the mouse on a symbol on the reels, the individual payout table is displayed for this directly.

In the NeΓΌ there is also the β€œi” and the β€œ?”. The β€œi” opens the entire pay table and the view of the 9 possible pay lines. The "?" brings us to WebHelp, where all the rules of the game are listed again in detail. There you can also find the valid RTP, which is 96.10% here.

Back in the main window, the symbols for starting the game are on the right. The flash turns the quick turn function on or off. The stakes are regulated on the coin symbol below. These go from 9 cents to 90 euros per spin. Or, in other words, from 1 cent to 10 euros per line.

Above that is the big button with the arrow. He starts the manual single rotations. For the autoplay settings you have to click the small β€œ+” above. There you can choose the preset values from 10 to 50, or you can freely set the number to up to 100 spins using another β€œ+” sign.


The Christmas spirit is definitely guaranteed here. This slot is a must-play on the holidays. With its beautiful graphics, music and sounds, it leaves nothing to be desired in this area.

From a technical point of view, everything worked perfectly. One can only complain that there are hardly any features. Multipliers, wilds, free spins - done. Fortunately, these functions all trigger quite frequently, so that the slot remains permanently exciting.

Even if we did not come close to the x3,333 maximum profit factor in the test, we did have a nice hit in the free spins. The loss was therefore very limited over 200 spins.


Great Christmas atmosphere

High profit opportunities

Often 2x and 3x multipliers


No good hits guaranteed

Little more than 3 win lines in the test


Slot Score: